Thursday, October 3, 2013

School Organization Series:: School Binder

Im back for the second part in this series! Today im going to cover binder organization. I dont have as many tips as I did for the planner. This is more just showing you how I set up my binder. There are many ways people choose to set up a binder. Some choose to use folders or a notebook rather than a binder. I use a binder AND a notebook.
I store the tabs I use to mark pages in my textbook and some mechanical pencils. I know exactly where it is so it doesn't get lost in my book bag or pencil pouch. 
All this fits in that little pocket. 
Tabs will save your life. Without them there is *like* no organization at all. 
These will keep your binder so much more organized and you will be able to find assignments much easier. I recommend buying one of these for your binder:

By this I mean take those old papers and place them in your past assignments binder (oh you don't have one.. am I a nerd? )  I am so particular that I will sometimes write my notes in my notebook and then type them up (you really don't have to do this)

I three hole punch my papers. If they have multiple pages I use a stapler and staple the top left corner so it stays neat and together. 


  1. Really useful advice, thank you! :D x




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